Rainbow Warriors: Work

Please read the page on money before you continue.

Our tribe, once we get rid of money and debt, will be able to look again at what we do with our effort.
The focus will be on making life good for everyone.
We all need a comfortable and pleasant place to live.
We all need to eat well and healthily and to know that we are not destroying our land or our oceans or the air we breathe to do this.
We all of us at some time need the care of others, and some times to give that care.
We need to be entertained and to have fun.
We need clothes to wear and sometimes to look good in.
We need stuff that makes life easy.
We need to explore our world and our understanding of the universe we live in.
We need to be organised and efficient and do what each of us can do best to make this world a place of marvels for us and for those that come after us.
We need peace and we need freedom from fear.
We need the freedom of each individual, and to guarantee that for each other. This is a first priority.

Much of what we do now is pointless. Much of what we do now we do badly, because we do these things for money and profit or to pay the imaginary debts and taxes that our current masters hold over us.

In our tribe, whatever work we do because we are suited to that work, or because we are good at that work, or because we are passionate about that work we will do for the good of the tribe. Every job will carry equal importance, for every job will we do will be a job that needs doing and needs doing well. We will all of us be proud of what we do. There will be no status, no "important" people, every member of the tribe will be equal. The sweeper of streets is as important as the surgeon, for we cannot do without either of these roles.

This enormous shift in the focus of our effort away from money and profit will release billions of us to focus on solving the sickness of this current world. We will need no armies of killers, but we will need armies that tackle hardship and want. Imagine for just a moment the science and resource and bravery and courage and will and strength we waste on war. Imagine those same resources sent to disaster areas. Imagine those same resources applied to building
good homes for those billions of us that are forced by the current system to live in squalor.

We can make this world a very different place. A good place.
We simply need to all of us join together as one Tribe.

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