Friday, 22 August 2014

Your journey begins here, Rainbow Warrior.

This site has no connection with any organisation that might use the symbols and words of the Rainbow Warrior prophecies. This site has no religious basis nor beliefs. This site, though the creation of one person, belongs to those that join our world Tribe and there will be no financial benefit to anyone at any time. There are no donate buttons nor commercial advertising links and that will always be so. This site's intention is to give a summoning call and a place to gather for right-thinking human beings everywhere, to be a place of hope, to be a place where a new way of living together can be discovered based on the principles embodied in love. Simply, this place intends to change the world. For that to happen will take most of us human beings. Its time has come, for the world is in great danger. Please get involved. Thankyou.


In your quiet moments, dear friend, when your inner spirit speaks with you, when you feel your own misery and agony and fear and that of your fellow human beings, in those quiet moments you wish for the world to be different, you wish to be free, you wish for others to be released from their own private hell, you wish you could wave a magic wand and set the world right. What you do not know is that most of your fellow human beings share these moments with you, share these desires, have the same wish. They are doing so now, most of them. With this understanding everything becomes possible, for there are seven billion members of our tribe and once we understand this simple fact our eyes will become opened, the veils will fall away, and the human race will emerge from its darkness and step forward into its future.
This place is a gathering place for all of us who share this spirit, for all of us that would right the wrongs of the world, a place for us to step out of the darkness and stand together for what we know to be right.
We are not alone, we are not without voice, we are not powerless, we are the human tribe and we are mighty.
Today it is just a small web site. If you join, it will be one human being stronger. If a thousand join it will have a small significance. If a hundred thousand join it will begin to have strength. If a million join it will have momentum.
Every journey begins with the first faltering steps.
Take your steps, stand here and be counted, and from such small seeds will grow the future of humanity.

And it will be good.

History will call us the rainbow warriors.
The generation that changed the world and made the future a place of wonders.

Now, let's get down to business.
The business here is to change the world.

It will take billions of us.
It starts with you joining and becoming a rainbow warrior.
That takes a couple of seconds.
The effect will be that the world changes.

Young people will have to lead this, because old people are mostly, but not all, so programmed that they feel they can't change anything.

The great change that is coming must come from the young and from elders that have resisted the programming.

Let's GO.

When a human being is born it possesses a piece of hardware called its brain.
This hardware has just one pre-installed operating system.
It is called LOVE.
Look into a baby's eyes and that is what you see there.

All human beings are born CREATURES OF LOVE.

SO: something goes wrong!

Maybe it is best explained this way, using the computer as an analogy:

The experience we call life is a continual software download.
What we believe to be true, how we feel about things, are the result of the software download we call life.

Much of this software comes from our parents, who merely pass on the software they have had downloaded into their brains.

Most of what we think of as REALITY is merely this software.

Most of it is a Matrix of Lies.

There are people that control the software downloads now and controlled the software download of your parents, just as they control everything else in the world.

They download this software through the TV, through computer games, through newspapers, through the stupid education system, through the pop business we all get hooked on (Google "Satanic Music Industry" for an idea of how it works).

They download this through their laws, their police, their weapons, their unequal society, the stupid competitiveness we are all supposed to think is a good idea that makes a few people winners and everyone else a loser.

They download this through their systems of hierarchy that mean that there are no free human beings, that we all tell someone else what they can and can't do, and at the top of these artificial systems of hierarchy sit the people in power that are messing up OUR planet and messing up YOUR HEAD.

This might be difficult to get your head around, but listen:

The trillionaires that rule our planet spend a lot of money developing psychological and scientific ways of making you do what you're told, of controlling what you believe.



They do it now in a thousand clever and sneaky ways through the things they have given you that you like.
Movies, TV programmes, music, games, schoolbooks, magazines etc.

These things are software downloads into your head.
They know that when you believe in something they've GOT YOU and you will never give it up.


What you believe in, they put there.

Your first job, then, is to get rid of all the STUFF that they have put into your head!

Do you want the world you live in to be the same messed up world you see about you?
War, starvation, gangs, bullying cops, rules and rules and more rules, pointless work, debt, misery etc.

This is the world the current older generation put up with and helped to create.
Most of them are lost in it and see no way out.
Some are awake to this and will join the one world tribe.

Do you trust the trillionaires that run the movie business, that run the education system, that run the government, that run religions, that run the TV and News businesses, that run the law and the police, that run the internet, that run the game companies, do you REALLY trust these people ?????


Let's talk about prophecy, and how some people saw you coming and saw you saving the world.
They called you RAINBOW WARRIORS.

(Most prophecy is just guesswork, usually it mentions a creator and so we have to be cautious, but sometimes prophecies just FEEL RIGHT. Those, we can MAKE HAPPEN if we want to. We just make it VIRAL.)

The prophecies are on another page above, but they are summed up by this verse, author unknown but thanks to them whoever they are:

The sun rose on a magical new day...
Over the whole earth they came,
The people of every colour,
Sister, Brother, Father, Mother
Travelling over many a land
People of the Rainbow
Children of the Way,
with a fresh glow
Finding their way
Star within...
More and more joined,
a song for the soul...
A new way to live,
A new way to see,
It happened this way...
And a new song,
It came from within
If you can find the Star,
Within then you will find...
What is... What was...
And what will be... you see,
It happened this way...
from within,
The people of the Way
The Rainbow Tribe...

Are you in?

Welcome to the gathering of the Rainbow Warrior global tribe.

It is our intention to change the world, to take things that are wrong and set them right.

To get things started, click at the top right where it says "Click here to join our Tribe."
Every human being is welcome.
Every human being is needed.

If you are young you are especially welcome. The future belongs to you.
Make it how you would like it.

The world is heading for some really bad stuff. Lots of kids are getting bombed and shot at or are starving or are terrified RIGHT NOW.
We need to STOP the madness that has got hold of the generation in power at the moment.
They're clearly insane.

Become a Rainbow Warrior right now.
Send the link to your mates.
Send the link to your enemies!
We are all in this together, and its time to set aside little differences.
That's how we cure the world.

Every page has some opening thoughts to explain how we might transform our planet.
Every page has a comments section where you can put down your thoughts.
Thoughts born of love and wisdom will help to shape the world we intend to make.
Please, get started.
Tell your friends.
Post links.
Spread the word.

(Some opening thoughts from the site's maker. Add your own ideas in comments. One person can only start a discussion. The rest is up to the Tribe.)