Rainbow Warriors: Money

This is simple.

Our Tribe has work to do.
Our Tribe has stuff to share.
We do not need money for these things.

For all of human history, until about 2,000 years ago, we lived together without money.
Money is NEW to us!
For many indigenous peoples, the time of money is even shorter.
There are still tribal peoples that live without the knowledge of money NOW.
There are many that live in the "civilised" world that despise the stuff and the harm it so clearly does.
They see it for what it is, the very root of all evils, the cause of all inequality, the invisible chains of global debt slavery.

Money just lets the rich get richer and gives them power over you.
Understand that there is no greater security than the TRIBE.
We share, we care, we strive for happiness.
WE ARE one Family.

Despite the evidence that the current reality downloads into your head, human beings are good at sharing and like to share. Nothing makes us feel better than doing good. There's no greater buzz than being thanked for a kindness.
See how we respond to calls for help around the world, even when we know that most big charities spend most of the money we send on big wages for their "Chief Executives"!

Doing good, curing the world's problems are NOT about money.
They are about human effort, human bravery, human good will and sharing resources.

We will have no homeless when there is no money.
We will have little crime when there is no money, only crimes of passion or ignorance or carelessness.
We will have no pointless work when there is no money.
We will have no starvation when there is no money.
A great weight of fear and anxiety will be lifted from our species.
We will be transformed by this.
The sharing of knowledge alone will set free our science and we will advance scientifically amazingly quickly as a reflection of our Spiritual Advance, the spiritual advance that goes hand in hand with our Tribe and the understanding of human love.

Join now, fellow Rainbow Warrior.
Tell your friends.

(Some opening thoughts from the site's maker. Add your own ideas in comments. One person can only start a discussion. The rest is up to the Tribe.)

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