Rainbow Warriors: The Focus of our Tribe

The focus of our Tribe is fundamental to our overall happiness.
There is much that history has handed down to us that lacks care.

The Tribe understands that humankind is a capable species.
In all but a few places there is enough for all at all times even when, as we do now, much of our effort is wasted dealing with things that are of no value to the tribe.
We can feed ourselves, house ourselves, clothe ourselves and care for each other in plenty.
In most places, we do this already.

In some places, we need to focus more carefully, making sure that our efforts ensure plenty for all.
Look at the section on work to understand how we waste much of our human effort on senseless and unsatisfying and unnecessary work that could be ceased, creating a vast resource of human energy to do what is really needed.

Many of our cities have become ugly over the past century, yet we can see how our forebears built beautiful buildings and pleasant homes before the industrial age put power and money into the hands of those that cared not how their workers lived.

Our countryside, once occupied by those that worked to produce food for the family in harmony with nature has been depopulated, work being done by machinery and chemicals in vast, unnatural and unhealthy plains, devoid of natural life. Many have been dispossessed of the chance to live and work with nature to produce good healthy food. Many of us yearn for this lost harmony.

Our land and air and waters, those things that give life to us and to natural things, have been poisoned.

Hidden from most human beings, except those few who have seen the enormity of the problem, is the vast harm being done to nature and to our human family by the nuclear industry that is spreading unnatural and long lived poisons everywhere.

Our first focus, then, is to cleanse our planet.
Much that is polluting is only done for profit.

In a moneyless society, there is no profit, only need and the careful use of resources to meet those needs.

Our tribe will strive to improve the lives of its members.
Each should have a place to call their own that is suitable and pleasant to live in.
Each should have the food they need and none should starve.

Our lives should be as pleasant as possible and so producing in abundance as we can do already should be our intention, though slowly we will find ways to satisfy those needs without the destruction of the environment that they currently require.

The chief focus, especially at the beginning of this world changing Moment, will be making sure that none live in fear, that none live subject to the unwarranted authority of another.

This will take all of our tribe at the beginning.
Every single one of us must be called into action.
Many live in fear in their own homes.
Many are in fear where they work.
Many are in fear of local bullies and the violent amongst us.
Many are enslaved in one way or another, forced to do what they do not wish to do.
Many are in fear of war and of violent groups.

They are few amongst us, these people.
We outnumber them hugely, and so acting all together their power can be quickly taken from them.

Fighting this historic system of bullying will take bravery, but will not need violence.

We peaceful people, we meek souls that would not do harm, we are the vast majority of human beings, so many in number that we need fear nothing nor anyone.

We just need to make sure that that great strength is focused on the few problem human beings that hold the rest of us in fear.

All of us, acting together, to free this world of the influence of violence.

This is an absolute duty, for on this single issue rests the success of our duty to save our planet and its life.

There has to be an understanding between us that for each of us to be free, each of us is responsible for the freedom of others.
To deal with these bullies amongst us at the moment we leave to police forces and to the hierarchy.
That system has not worked and will never work because, in honesty, that system rewards bullies and allows them to grow powerful through fear.

Within a generation, acting together in this way, our Tribe will make sure that there will never again be the ugly spectre of fear stalking our planet.
This unified action will set humankind free more than any other single thing.
Those in fear now will need only to ask for help and every last one of us will work until we set that person free.

This is how things will be.
Nothing can prevent us, for we are many and they are few and this planet is being inherited by our Tribe.
Simply put, we own the world.
What we say will happen, will happen.
The Tribe will express its will, and the world will change.

These are some of the basic understandings of our human Tribe.
For these things to happen we must first gather our Tribe together in one place, then choose the Moment when we change the world.
This will take vast numbers of our human Tribe acting together in love and in unity and peacefulness.
This will change our world for the better in a single moment.
The Tribe is the future of humankind.

(Some opening thoughts from the site's maker. Add your own ideas in comments. One person can only start a discussion. The rest is up to the Tribe.)


  1. Our focus must be:

    - To learn to understand this reality, gifted to us by the Great Spirit, by always working to be like He is, and by applying the sacred knowledge of the four levels of being: The elements, the rainbow.
    - To write and speak our knowledge, to bring the Creator's perfection to Earth.
    - To nurture and protect all life on Earth by application of the true law of Love.
    - To be pure and true in our devotion and duty to the Creator, in the silence and perfection of the moment. As warriors.

    Our reward is:

    - To know the truth in our hearts and be filled with love for all creation.
    - To have genuine purpose in life. To live and die contented.
    - To be happy in our knowledge of the love and generosity of the Creator, our Father.

  2. lol. look at all those fours in the timestamp.

  3. Olive, the more I work with it, the more I think using the 4 elements is valuable.
    It's not very complicated, but it's enough to stretch the mind a little, and it forces me to approach things in a structured way.
    And I do thing that structure is natural. Just as the 4 elements correspond to the 4 states of matter: Fire: Plasma, Air: Gas, Water: Liquid, Earth: Solid.

    Working on my latest post raised a good one for me - self love... Not a concept I'd got a grip on before... And it puts it in context... :)