Rainbow Warriors: Hierarchy

In a tribe there is no hierarchy.
Hierarchy is a system that transfers power upwards from the individual ultimately giving power over the many by the few. Such power always corrupts.
Such power leads to vast inequality.
In our tribal society there is much that needs organising and where we organise we need those whose combination of ideas and thoughtfulness and organisational ability and drive help to get the task done efficiently.
These people will be chosen by each team or area according to their standing in the group,earned by their example.
They will have no authority but only the same ability to ask for assistance as the rest.
They will earn no more, because the tribe is a moneyless entity.
They will have no more nor less entitlement to resources, for the tribe is a collection of individuals that are equal under the sun.
The tribe operates for the common good and it organises itself to produce the most comfort, the most leisure time, the most ease, the most happiness, the most freedom from fear and anxiety for all of its people.
What is the point of life except this?

This is a natural way for human beings to exist.

The society history has given us is a society that has been controlled by powerful people whose purpose has always been to make themselves more powerful.
This historic structure, including its so-called democratic government systems, has caused the world to be at war without ceasing for centuries.
It is a system that rewards greed, rewards bullying, rewards crime, divides our tribe and ultimately is responsible for millions of deaths and a world of people afraid and anxious for their future.
Its time has come, for it offers a future only of more of the same war, starvation, pollution, slavery to debt and loss of freedom.
Simply put, the human tribe will die if we allow such a system to continue.
It is a system that puts vast weapons of awful power into the hands of people who lust for power and so is dangerous to all of our family.

To defeat this system with war would be impossible. The instruments of war are in the hands of the powerful. They are experts at killing and have enormous systems of murder called armies.
So, to defeat the hierarchical system that creates such disgusting and inhuman things will require the whole tribe walking away from and having nothing to do with hierarchy. Those of us in uniform must walk away and join our tribe. Those of us that work in weapons factories must walk away. In every area of life we must walk away from bullies and those that would assert themselves over us.
Leaving money behind us as a tribe will be enormously powerful in this effort.
Many human beings do what they shouldn't because they think they need money to survive and give themselves security.
This will cease when we walk away from money. The tribe guarantees safety and security and food and care when needed. None need be afraid of anything. None need feel they are somehow inferior to others.

These are some of the basic understandings of our human Tribe.
For these things to happen we must first gather our Tribe together in one place, then choose the Moment when we change the world.
This will take vast numbers of our human Tribe acting together in love and in unity and peacefulness.
This will change our world for the better in a single moment.
The Tribe is the future of humankind.

(Some opening thoughts from the site's maker. Add your own ideas in comments. One person can only start a discussion. The rest is up to the Tribe.)

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