Rainbow Warriors: Ownership

(Some opening thoughts from the site's maker. Add your own ideas in comments. One person can only start a discussion. The rest is up to the Tribe.)

History has given us a world where almost everything is owned by very few.

It has given us a world where many do not own their home or the land that they farm.
It has given us a world where false debt makes slaves of us all.

Up until a couple of thousand years ago we humans never used money.
We didn't have kings and rulers and government, we just chose kind and wise people to guide us.
Kings and rulers invented money, put their faces and symbols on it, and used it to cream off our labour and store our wealth and steal our share of the world off us.

The Tribe will not have money.
Everyone will own a share of the world.
We'll work out how to do this.
What are we, too stupid to work out a simple thing like that?

The Tribe will have no debt, except the debt of duty to the Tribe and the obligation to help those who have helped you or are in need of the help of all of us.

Each person will own absolutely their own home, the place they live now, absolutely guaranteed by the rest of us.

Our own home, our own sanctuary, is our place of certain safety and we will guarantee this right amongst us, applying to all.

Regardless of debt or of rent or of legal title, all of which will disappear, your home where you are now is yours.

In fairness and with wisdom, when we have chosen those we trust because of their wisdom and kindness and sense of justice to help guide us, we will examine again those that own more than one home, examine what stock of empty homes we have, examine what new homes we can build with the resource and labour we have, and work towards ensuring we each live in the right way to produce happiness for all.

What else is there for human beings to do but work for the happiness and comfort of each one of us?
Everything else is a waste of time.

What purpose will it serve for a person to have five large homes?
Who will clean them? Who will repair them? Which of our Tribe would work, for no money remember, for something so focused on the benefit of just one person?

None, of course.

So slowly will the new way of being even out things in our world.
This would not be possible with money.
The world has work that needs doing, stuff to do it with, and people to do the doing.
This is not difficult to see.
We just need to organise, and there's a lot of us to do what needs doing.

Nobody in the Tribe will take your home or your stuff.

Those that try will be doing harm and will be dealt with by the rest of the Tribe with love and wisdom.

But within a generation those that own far too much will give up much of that excess, it being a burden more than a benefit in the world the Tribe will shape.

Our world will change, and so slowly will the attitudes and beliefs and privileges of the few.

There is much detail to ownership of other things.
Corporations are excellent organisational models for efficiently getting things done.
There will be no profit, no stocks and shares, the authority of ownership of corporations will be gone with the money that enables such power.
The Tribe will continue these organisations, not for profit but for their brilliance at getting things done and so providing for our world family.

They will be without hierarchy, but filled with the urgency of duty and a job being done well that is of worth to us all.

What we produce that is beautiful and fine we should continue to produce.

Our computer systems, organisations like Amazon, the idea of lotteries, the ability to swap unwanted things for wanted things, all of these things could be established as methods of gifting what is good that we make, and so we will all get lucky, and be able to trade that fortune for something we would rather have.

These are some of the basic understandings of our human Tribe.
We share what we have and what we need to do, we each of us have a share of the world that is our own.
Anyone that tells you a simple thing is impossible usually is so badly infected with malware that they are blind to possibility OR has a lot more than their share of stuff and also POWER over other human beings.

For these things to happen we must first gather our Tribe together in one place, HERE then choose the Moment when we change the world.

This will take vast numbers of our human Tribe acting together in love and in unity and peacefulness.
Get started.
The Tribe is the future of humankind.

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  1. Hi Olive, what did you think of my post on this here?

    A nice lady whose blog I found says 'ownership should be determined by use', and I feel that's also a valid concept: