Rainbow Warriors: Knowledge

Our historic system of ownership of knowledge is outdated and limits our progress as a species.

All knowledge will be freely shared by our Tribe.

Good ideas will spread like good news amongst us and all will benefit from our inventiveness as a species.

Few understand that the more of us there are in our species, the more ideas we will have, the more we will be able to build upon what we already know.

Mathematically and statistically the more human beings there are the more that are truly genius amongst us there will be.

If we share knowledge we will be able to deal with all of our world's problems and shape our reality to suit our Tribe.

As a species we are advancing rapidly and when unfettered and set free we will amaze ourselves with our inventiveness.

Certainly at present with the historic system in place there are things that are kept secret for the benefit of those that profit from that secrecy.

That system will end.

Knowledge will be shared.

All will benefit.

There is also learning and knowledge that is shared amongst us now that is false.
Our history is coloured by those that control our education and own the printing presses.
Our current reality is coloured by those that are in power over us and those that own the TV stations and the news media.

Above all, we will have Truth in all things.
That truth will help to set us free.
In time, we will learn to stop lying to each other, habits born of the need for self protection and the system of hierarchy. When we set each other free, much of the causes of dishonesty will be taken away.
When we each speak the truth, then will that truth set us free.
This may take a generation in the making, but will bring much happiness.

These are some of the basic understandings of our human Tribe.
For these things to happen we must first gather our Tribe together in one place, then choose the Moment when we change the world.
This will take vast numbers of our human Tribe acting together in love and in unity and peacefulness.
This will change our world for the better in a single moment.
The Tribe is the future of humankind.

(Some opening thoughts from the site's maker. Add your own ideas in comments. One person can only start a discussion. The rest is up to the Tribe.)

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