Rainbow Warriors: Law

The history of Law has destroyed its true purpose.
The true purpose of law is to prevent harm.

The current legal system, so protective of those who are powerful, so rewarding for those that seek to pervert justice by twisting what has been written, that system is not natural.

There is one natural law.
Do No Harm.

This law instructs us as to how to live, and also as to how to deal with those that would break the law, those that choose to do harm.

It is from this basis that we will decide amongst ourselves how to protect each other from those that by intent or negligence would do harm.

In our Tribe's moneyless world there is much harm committed in the pursuit of money that will simply disappear.
In a world divided by hierarchy there is much harm committed in the pursuit of power and authority that would simply disappear when we are all equal.

In a world that tolerates those who make people afraid, there is incalculable harm done by those bullies.
In a world where it is everyone's duty to act en-masse to deal with these few fear-mongers, that harm will disappear.

Within a generation, such simple law and concentration of effort would transform the daily lives of all of our human tribe.

We will have justice at last, and fairness.

These are some of the basic understandings of our human Tribe.
For these things to happen we must first gather our Tribe together in one place, then choose the Moment when we change the world.
This will take vast numbers of our human Tribe acting together in love and in unity and peacefulness.
This will change our world for the better in a single moment.
The Tribe is the future of humankind.

(Some opening thoughts from the site's maker. Add your own ideas in comments. One person can only start a discussion. The rest is up to the Tribe.)

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